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In New York City, there are many motorcycle and bicycle operators sharing the road with motor vehicles. Unfortunately, this results in many accidents injuring individuals. Motor vehicle operators are not supposed to hit motorcyclists and/or bicyclists. The motor vehicle operator has a duty to see what is open and obvious. Protect your rights if you are involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident in New York City.

Bicyclists that are struck by a motor vehicle will have No-Fault insurance provided by the motor vehicle involved in the accident. Private health insurance will cover injuries sustained while riding a motorcycle whereby, New York No-Fault Insurance does not insure injured motorcycle drivers. If you do not have insurance, we will work with you to find a doctor who will treat you for the injuries you sustained.

Following a crash, you should get immediate medical treatment, contact the police, get the information of the other party and witnesses as well as take photographs, if possible. Do NOT speak with the insurance company prior to getting your free consultation at Robert J. Renna, P.C. who has recovered millions of dollars for these types of cases.


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When you are involved in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, consider a free consultation with us for excellent legal advice as soon as possible.